next step in Investing in SC Tax Credits

The process is simple for a South Carolina taxpayer to research buying SC tax credits.  TCM can provide general educational information on SC Tax Credits without first requiring a potential investor to confirm its Accredited Investor status.  South Carolina taxpayers may either call TCM directly at 844-825-4337 or submit a request on our Contact Page.   

To obtain Fund or Project-specific information a taxpayer or their representative (accountant, financial advisor, attorney, etc.) must provide contact information and answer a few questions to certify Accredited Investor status.   Once Accredited Investor status is confirmed by TCM, the Qualified Buyer will be included on regular TCM communications.   As each year’s Fund is constructed, TCM will notify Qualified Buyers and can make investment Offering Documents available for review.  Receiving and/or reviewing Offering Documents does not obligate a Qualified Buyer to invest in the Fund or otherwise make any purchase.

If you are a Financial Advisor, Attorney or an Accountant of an Accredited Investor, please contact us with questions or for current or previous fund information. 


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