Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do the South Carolina tax credits originate?

SC Tax Credits are generated from real estate projects which improve, renovate or redevelop qualifying South Carolina property.  Brought about by forward thinking legislation and enacted through South Carolina’s Revitalization Acts listed below (with hyperlinks), property owners or developers generate SC Tax Credits by completing qualifying rehabilitation and development projects in South Carolina (“Projects”) in accordance with such Acts.

TCM establishes annual funds (each, a “Fund”) to invest in these credit-generating Projects, and the Fund is allocated a Project’s SC Tax Credits.  Information about the year’s Projects and their available SC Tax Credits are normally set forth in Offering Documents provided by the Fund to Qualified Buyers.  Qualified Buyers purchase units in the Fund and are allocated a portion of the Fund’s SC Tax Credits as determined by the Qualified Buyers’ specific tax situation.   

The South Carolina Revitalization Acts are as follows: