Renewable Energy


Tax Credit Marketplace’s unique position in the industry provides our clients with an unrivaled platform for tax credit solutions. Our firm can provide both state and federal tax equity to monetize the Investment Tax Credits (ITC).


Solar investment tax credits provide predictable capital streams.

Tax Credit Marketplace is an experienced tax equity resource with a dedicated solar investment tax credit (ITC) team, active joint ventures, and solid trade association support.

We satisfy the primary needs of tax equity investors by helping to offset tax liability and creating economic returns through safe and straightforward investment vehicles. Investing in renewable energy meets those requirements while improving the U.S. economy and the global environment.

Our clients gain access to reliable returns that continue to develop and become increasingly efficient. Through our financing approach, we put our clients in a position to realize the full benefit of Investment Tax Credits. Our team manages the underwriting of tax credits and delivers to our clients returns and financial stability.

Tax Credit Marketplace is actively seeking Commercial and Industrial Solar projects with corporations, municipalities and non-profits.