What Documentation is Necessary to Sell Tax Credits?

Any developer considering the redevelopement of a real estate project in South Carolina should call TCM to determine if the project might qualify as a SC Tax Credit-producing project. If the project qualifies for the SC Tax Credits and the parties come to acceptable terms, TCM will work with the Property Developer and its attorney with the drafting and procurement of some of the various documents described below.



1. Notice of Intent to Rehabilitate to SCDOR

2. Formation/Operating Documents of property owner

3. Survey and Appraisal

4. Confirmation of property details including owner of property, tax map #, square footage

5. Construction budget and plans

6. For historic tax credits only, Historic Preservation Certification Application.

7. Third Party Certification of construction costs

8. Lender approval of transaction

9. Resolution or Ordinance from local municipality


For more details, call: 844.825.4337