Beginning in 2009, the principals of Tax Credit Marketplace, LLC (“TCM”) first connected South Carolina investors with the opportunity to obtain millions of dollars of transferable South Carolina state income tax credits (“SC Tax Credits”), which in effect reduced the investors’ state income tax liabilities.  A steady increase in supply and demand for SC Tax Credits led to the 2013 formation of TCM  as an expert partner for (1) investors/buyers wanting to purchase SC Tax Credits to minimize their South Carolina income tax liability; and (2) Property Developers who have unused/excess SC Tax Credits which they wish to sell, thereby infusing cash into their real estate projects.    

Historically, only “large” tax credit buyers have taken advantage of the opportunity to purchase SC Tax Credits.  TCM has made it simple for all levels of Qualified Buyers to purchase SC Tax Credits.  “Qualified Buyers” may be corporations, insurance companies, banks or individuals who are Accredited Investors.   More Property Developers now understand and leverage the competitive advantage gained by properly utilizing the SC Rehabilitation Acts (discussed below) to attract additional capital into their projects. This increases the supply of SC Tax Credits available in the market.   As of 2019, the principals of TCM have facilitated the transfer/monetization of more than $50 million in SC Tax Credits.  These projects represent hundreds of millions of dollars in revitalized real estate projects in South Carolina. More than 50 properties in approximately 20 counties with projects such as hotels, multifamily residential, retail centers, schools, medical office, self storage and office complexes and distribution centers.

TCM is South Carolina's leader in educating Property Developers, Investors and their trusted advisors about the benefits of buying and selling SC Tax Credits and, in the process, has simplified an inefficient market.  To access project and SC Tax Credit information, Qualify Buyers must be Accredited Investors.  Accredited Investors who receive information on available SC Tax Credits are not obligated to purchase SC Tax Credits.